General Business

We support organizations through five consecutive stages of their lifecycle:

Health Check

Prime's management consulting professionals provide deep industry-specific experience to help the different multi-sectorial companies enhance operations and address critical issues across the organization. We help optimize people, processes and technology through innovative strategies, driving improved performance in key areas such as finance, technology and digital, operations and organizational development.

Prime will help you discover the root cause constraints to develop a sustainable and go-forward approach that supports your vision and strategy. You'll receive a unique assessment tailored to your specific needs that shall develop a holistic analysis of your entire organization and more in-depth view of your functional area and cross-functional processes.

Prime Business Consulting offers its clientele a unique methodology tool designed as a quick tap that provides a proper diagnostic assessment that shall offer:

  • Clear benchmarking and performance goals
  • Identify sustainable and actionable quick-win opportunities
  • Proper analysis of the organization's performance in accordance to the local and global industry's best practices
  • Develop a road map for growth covering the corporate strategy, business unit strategy, and functional strategy

Business Turnaround

A typical case of organizations that have survived for an extended periods of time and have been through many phases of evolution is to start losing focus of the original business model they have started with, many times, this business model has little or no relevance to the current operating environment the company operates in. For Prime, this engagement is of great value to help companies and older organizations redefine the raison d'etre(reason of existence).

Prime helps identify the company's core competencies and the values it possesses and help them best channel them to best suit the current business environment. We offer a turnaround exercise that is done at a strategic level.

In this engagement, we isolate the domain of the renewal model; whereby, this is done by a comprehensive study of the company's existing strategy, structure, operation and challenges, it is imperative that the engagement is performed by top-notch professionals who have deep understanding of the line of business the organization is engaged in and a complete knowledge of the challenges typically faced by similar organizations.

We typically have to perform a renewal strategy on one or both of the following:

  1. The Current business model of the company
  2. An investigation of the current operational model and its fitness to the current business model and corporate strategy

Our Engagement is as follows:

  • Needs Identification
  • Mobilize the Sectoral experts
  • Drafting of the Execution Plan
  • Change Management (Optional)


We help organizations grow across different dimensions:

  • Business diversification
  • Expansion
  • Business transformation
  • Digital transformation

We help assess the market for your business idea by estimating the financial feasibility of your business, including potential sales revenues, fixed and variable costs, and break-even figures as well as identifying the pitfalls you may encounter—and study how you can avoid them.

Corporate decisions for large investments and major expansions plans need to be validated to minimize the risks involved in the projects. Project feasibility is a requirement of financial institutions for lending the finance for the projects. Feasibility study and market research can check the market assumptions that support the business plan. Return on investment and payback period needs to be analyzed before investment in the projects.

A business plan is also required to strategize the goals of a new venture. It is of interest to external stakeholders such as investors or financiers of the project and to the internal management. Business plans aids in identifying the opportunities and formulating steps towards achieving the goals. Our strategy consultants have in-depth experience in conducting feasibility studies and business plans across wide range of sectors.

We help organizations grow through include:

  • Economic analysis and project feasibility
  • Large-scale best use studies
  • Market analysis and market structures reviews
  • Modelling of projected demand (for new product and services)
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Capital requirements projections & operational costing scenarios
  • Options appraisal and due diligence
  • Competitive intelligence

Our Strategy consultants have helped new entrepreneurs develop marketable and sustainable businesses through the development of comprehensive business plans. We also assist existing businesses in re-evaluating business practices and obtaining funding for new projects through the development of business capital offerings and other presentations.

Investment Readiness:

Businesses seek growth. Investors seek rewarding opportunities. As simple as this sounds, balancing the two does not happen on its own. Each party knows that it is looking for the right counterpart, but they may not know what's missing in order to meet each other's expectations.

Prime's investment readiness upgrade service bridges the gap between businesses and investors. Prime assists with strategy validation, corporate governance development, definition and implementation of business/financial policies and procedures, organization optimization, and consildates the output in investor-friendly business and financial plans, working with medium-sized enterprises and family businesses of all sizes.

Investor Matchmaking:

Growth through investments and M&A are one of the paths that a company can take, and Prime Business Consulting is a trusted and capable partner that has the expertise in connecting businesses with suitable investors.

Capitilizing on our dual strength of our network in both the local business space and among local and regional investors, Prime helps create meaningful connections between solid businesses and serious investors that translate into successful M&As that create shareholder value for both parties.

The Prime team has experience with startups, fast-growing companies, medium-sized businesses, and family businesses of all sizes, and can identify and approach suitable investors by tapping into Prime's network of regional individual investors, family funds, institutional investors, and investment banks.